GRZEGORZ ZIÓŁKOWSKI works as Professor in the Institute of  Theatre and Media Art of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. He is a searcher, teacher, director, publisher, translator and an editor and co-editor of numerous publications such as Polish Theatre after 1989: Beyond Borders (with Paul Allain), On Performatics (with Richard Gough) and Voices from Within: Grotowski’s Polish Collaborators (with Paul Allain). Author of books on Peter Brook (2000) and Jerzy Grotowski (2007). He has received awards and scholarships from the British Council (1994–95), the City of Poznań (1996), the Foundation for Polish Science (1998) and the Fulbright Foundation (2002–03). From 2004–09 he worked as a Programme Director of the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław where he co-created the Atelier (2007–09) and co-programmed the Grotowski UNESCO Year 2009.

He led the Theatre Research Bureau and Theatre Rosa in Poznań as well as work sessions in Armenia, Austria, Catalonia, Chile, England, Iran, Malta, Romania, and South Korea. From 2012 he has been directing STUDY || ROSA (previously STUDIO || ROSA) and the Acting Techniques Intensive Seminar ATIS. In 2015–16 he directed STUDY || ROSA’s theatre exploration Feeling the PULSE and in its frame he published Dwugłos O CISZY (Duet ON SILENCE) and Texts FROM THE HEART (in Polish and English). In the STUDIO||ROSA he directed Duet ON SILENCE which includes two theatre performances: TAZM Silence of Light (2012) and HEART Silence of Polygon (2015–16). He co-created and was consultant of the works by international artists (recently he has directed Small House for the Dead with Csongor Köllő from Romania).

He has been training tai chi for more than twenty years.

Recently he has published a book on self-immolation in contemporary culture A Cruel Theatre of Self-immolations (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, Poznań 2018) which summarizes his project supported by the Polish National Centre for Science.

He is elaborating a new STUDY || ROSA’s theatre exploration Colony.