Human Rights in Documentary Cinema

Human Rights in Documentary Cinema

Academic year 2022–23: syllabus

The course (60 h, 10 ECTS) aims to teach how to:

  • carry out in-depth studies of contemporary documentary filmmaking on human rights violations;
  • investigate selected cases in their cultural, economic, historical, political and religious contexts;
  • analyse and interpret creative outputs of leading contemporary documentary cineastes;
  • scrutinise selected problem areas, select cases, critically assess materials related to them and share findings in the framework of group presentations or individual or pair essays.

The course is carried out in the AMU-PIE framework in the Winter semester of the academic year 2022–23 in the Theatre Studio (Collegium Maius AMU, 10 Fredry str., entrance from the library hall in Kowalczyka Lane). The classes are scheduled on Tuesdays, 3:15–6:30 pm.

If you intend to join, please contact Prof. Ziółkowski: