In spring semester 2017/18 within the AMU-PIE programme Prof Grzegorz Ziółkowski ( teaches:

ACTING CRAFT IN POLISH THEATRE (30 h, 5 ECTS), Tuesdays, 5–6:30 pm, in the Theatre Studio, Collegium Maius, 10 Fredry str., entrance from the library hall, behind the main building, from Kowalczyka lane; the course begins on 27 February 2017. Please sign up by email or in person before the class. See syllabus and other details here.

Acting Craft class, photo summary, January 2017

A video by Patryk Lichota on Vimeo.

Acting Craft photos by Oksana Tsybulko (Ukraine), 2012

A place where we meet once a week ceases to be only a spatial frame. It becomes a partner for our actions and exercises. We interact with it, every time slightly differently, every time afresh. It seems that Acting Craft in Polish Theatre is above all a celebration. It is a time of encounter, a remarkable encounter since we land in a reality where we have an opportunity to enter into an intercultural dialogue, where we find an essence of a community, integrity, balance, being and acting together through a symbolic corporeality. This class has a nature of a training, a play, an encounter, as well as a ritual – a ritual of joy to commune with the other… And what surprised me most was the moment when I understood that English language which we use levels down senses and meanings, and that in fact we communicate much more clearly through our bodies (as children do).

Agata Łukaszewicz, a student in 2012

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