In winter semester 2019/20 within the AMU-PIE programme Prof Grzegorz Ziółkowski ( teaches:

ACTING CRAFT IN POLISH THEATRE (30 h, 5 ECTS), Tuesdays, 5–6:30 pm, in the Theatre Studio, Collegium Maius, 10 Fredry str., entrance from the library hall, behind the main building, from small Kowalczyka lane; the course begins on 8 October 2019. Please sign up by email or in person before the class. See syllabus and other details here.

Acting Craft class, photo summary, January 2017

A video by Patryk Lichota on Vimeo.

Acting Craft photos by Oksana Tsybulko (Ukraine), 2012

A place where we meet once a week ceases to be only a spatial frame. It becomes a partner for our actions and exercises. We interact with it, every time slightly differently, every time afresh. It seems that Acting Craft in Polish Theatre is above all a celebration. It is a time of encounter, a remarkable encounter since we land in a reality where we have an opportunity to enter into an intercultural dialogue, where we find an essence of a community, integrity, balance, being and acting together through a symbolic corporeality. This class has a nature of a training, a play, an encounter, as well as a ritual – a ritual of joy to commune with the other… And what surprised me most was the moment when I understood that English language which we use levels down senses and meanings, and that in fact we communicate much more clearly through our bodies (as children do).

Agata Łukaszewicz, a student in 2012

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