NEWS 2022

The Song of Life – Irmos for Ukraine

On 10th of May 2022, in the Theatre Studio at Collegium Maius AMU, the concert Song of Life – Irmos for Ukraine was held by the remarkable Ukrainian singer, actress, director and teacher, Natalia Polovynka, who directs The Word and Voice Theatre Centre (https://slovoigolos.com/en/) in Lviv, and her friends from the Poznań House of Dance. The event was organized by Witold Zalewski with the support from Prof. Grzegorz Ziółkowski and the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology of the AMU. The concert began with Irmoses, early Christian Orthodox liturgical songs, which were performed as a prayer for Ukraine. Later, Ukrainian and Polish folk songs resounded, and at the end of the event, those gathered spontaneously moved to the library hall, where a dance party took place to the sounds of traditional instruments. During the concert, funds were collected to support refugees who found protection in The Word and Voice Centre, which had functioned as a shelter since the beginning of the war, while continuing its artistic activities.